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Water Tank

Water Tank

Short Description:

Our Moulded water base, which is made of HDPE, initiated designed by WZRODS worldwide since 2011, 4size and 2 series available until now. Our innovative selling points:

1. stackable, two or three bases can be stacked on top of each other for extra weight

2. Can be used alone with spigot as flag stand base

3. As additional weight on our cross base or base plate

4. Led uplighters applicable for some size (13L/20L)

These are our most popular feather flag bases for on hard grounds

Product Detail

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Water base in 2 series and 4size available from wzrods until now
The two size (15L & 25L) were leased on 2011 and 2012, similar external design with our selling points: stackable/ use alone/ as add-on weight for cross base, it was well received by the market and copied by competitor

As an upgrade and extension to our water base range, another two new designs ( size 13L & 20L) were leased in 2017 and 2018. It retains our classic design (stackable/ combination with cross base), some full new cool features were added:
1. Led Uplighters can be slotted to the grip area of tank to illuminate your banner in the dark as option, banner height up to 4.5m
2. Graphic can be add on the flat surface as additional marketing
3. Suit for more cross base types

The details for Led Uplighter:
1. Power 8W, AC or DC (Rechargeable battery) available
2. AC cable with plug in UK/ EU / US standard
3. Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery, full charge lasts for 5 hours.
4. Waterproof grade: IP65



1) Stackable into heavier base, also saves your stock space.

2) Individual use with extra rotating spindle or fixed

3) As add-on weight to fixed cross base/ cross base/ flat metal base

4) Carry handle and wheels (WT580B/DW581B) for easy transportation

5) LED light applicable for DW581B/DW451B), World first from wzrods/ Eu Patent

6) Optional graphic skin for event applications.

7) UV resistant HDPE material, 2 year guarantee on water bases

Item code Size Capacity wheel Led The year of release
WT450B 45x45x12cm 15L No No 2011
Item code Size Capacity wheel Led The year of release
WT580B 58x58x14.5cm 25L Yes No 2012
Item code Size Capacity wheel Led The year of release
DW581B 58x58x14.5cm 20L Yes Yes 2017
Item code Size Capacity wheel Led The year of release
DW451B 45x45x12cm 13L No Yes 2018

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