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Tabletop Beachflag

Tabletop Beachflag

Short Description:

The Mini Tabletop beachflag are lightweight, the hardware kit includes two sections fiber pole and one metal base in a small zippered bag, easy to travel with, 3 popular shapes available (feather flag/teardrop flag/rectangle flag).


Teardrop table flag or Feather table flag is eye-catching advertising and decoration on tradeshow reception desks, conference tables, counter top, presentation tables.

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The Mini Tabletop beachflag are lightweight, easy to travel with, 3 different shapes (feather/teardrop/rectangle) available. Perfect for countertop or tabletop advertising in conference room or at trade-shows.


(1) 1 pole set can have both teardrop shape and feather shape.

(2) Pole come with Separate compartments oxford bag which protect the whole set from scratch

(3) Aluminum base with bright silver to add advertising effect.

(4) Easy to use and only take seconds to put together.

(5) Flags need NO wind to show the message



Flag Shape Display Dimensions Flag Size Pole Weight
Teardrop 40cm/60cm 29cm*9.5cm/40cm*14cm 0.11kg
Feather 53cm*17cm 43cm*16cm 0.11kg
Rectangle 40cm 30cm*16cm 0.13kg

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