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Mini Flags Series

  • Tabletop Beachflag

    Tabletop Beachflag

    The Mini Tabletop beachflag are lightweight, the hardware kit includes two sections fiber pole and one metal base in a small zippered bag, easy to travel with, 3 popular shapes available (feather flag/teardrop flag/rectangle flag).


  • Suction Cup Banner

    Suction Cup Banner

    Suction cup flag, a flag holder with suction cup can be attached to smooth surface like glass/tile/metal. 3 different shapes ( feather flags /teardrop flags /rectangle flags) available.  The angle-adjustable frame design, you can have the right angle you need. Pivoting pole allows the flag to turn with wind.  An ideal promotional display tool for Dealerships, Restaurants, Events, Shopping mall and more!

  • Strong Suction Cup Banner

    Strong Suction Cup Banner

    The strong suction cup banner is designed for special application which need supper powerful force on smooth surfaces such as glass and car windows. Great tool for outdoor advertisement.  It’s tested in a speed of up to 120km/h on a moving vehicle.

  • Magnetic Base Banner

    Magnetic Base Banner

    Magnetic base banner is a great advertising tool to be used on cars or metal shelves. 3 different shapes (feather/teardrop/rectangle) available. There are four piece of powerful magnet attached on the base. And it is angle-adjustable, you can have the right angle you need.

  • Clip Banner

    Clip Banner

    Clip banner is a creative option for promotions and catch attention within a small space. The heavy-duty plastic clamp can easily clip on pipe/tube/fence etc, 3 popular shapes (feather flag /teardrop flag /rectangle flag) available.

  • Car Window Banner

    Car Window Banner

    Our patent car window flag, also called clip-on flags, easily attaches to any car or truck window,  3 popular shapes (feather flag /teardrop flag /rectangle flag) available. Pivoting pole allows the flag to turn into the wind, get more attention to your message. The two-piece window clip design allows the flag & pole to be removed easily without rolling down the window.