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Lantern Banner

Lantern Banner

Short Description:

Flame banner, also known as Lantern Banners, which is innovative branding indoor and outdoor display solution, printable on 3 sides, more space for message delivery than traditional flags, rotating motion create 360° view in the wind, your message can be seen from any direction.  Easy to assemble and highly visible.

Applications: Suitable for commercial spaces, fairs, indoor and outdoor events.

Product Detail

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Our Spinning lantern banner is initiated designed by us worldwide since 2012, adopts folding umbrella frame structure which makes it easier to set up or disassemble.

Our frame pole is made from carbon composite, which has a higher strength and flexibility. It will not lost shapes in wind situation.

The banner part includes 3 faces printing, which is available with 3 different artworks. 360° visibility shows a better display effect and draws attention for your brand

No tools needed to assemble, easy and convenient to operate for end customer. Frame comes with oxford carry bag, tough and convenient to carry for different events.

Wide range of bases available to suit different application

Fabrics are interchangeable and 240GSM knitted polyester is suggested, thick enough so that no artwork transparency to be seen from opposite face.


(1) Folding umbrella frame, easy to set up and disassemble.

(2) 3 sides printable, larger area to spread your messages

(3) Graphic can be changed easily

(4) Rotate smoothly in the breeze

(5) Each set comes with a carry bag, light and portable.



Item Code Display Dimensions Flag Size Approximate gross weight
TDC10145 2.2m*0.76m 1.45m*1.05m*3pcs 1.5kg
TDC076166 2.6m*1.05m 1.71m*1.08m*3pcs 2kg

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