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H Banner (rectangle flag)

H Banner (rectangle flag)

Short Description:

H banner, one kind of flag with rectangular shape, also known as Block flag, Edge flag or Telescopic Flag. Recatangle flag have larger printable area than feather flags or teardrop flags, make flag display beautifully anytime, perfectly suited for high impact promotions both indoor and outdoor.  3 year manufacturer’s guarantee on the flag pole.

Applications: With a choice of bases to suit any ground surface, Rectangle flag can be used in most of situation, for example to choose a car foot suitable for car lots, a ground stake for outdoor events, metal base for windy conditions or indoor trade show.

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H banner,  one kind of rectangular flag, also known as Block flag, Edge flag or Telescopic flag, it can make flag display beautifully anytime.  Recatangle flags have larger printable area than teardrop flags or feather flags,  suited for high impact marketing messages and branding.


(1) Carbon composite material allows pole sets to bend and sway in the wind but not easy to break even in the toughest of conditions.

(2) Premium carbon composite poles set with carry bag included - lightweight and portable.

(3) Larger printable area making them perfectly suited for vibrant, high impact marketing messages and branding.

(4) Plug-in installation is easy to assemble.

(5) Metal ring to increase using life.

(6) Wide range of heavy duty base options  to suit any surface & situation . "Spin free" accessories to keep your flag from getting tangled.



Size Display dimension Flag size Pole section Approximate gross weight per set
H2.1m 2.1m 1.7*0.7m 3 0.9kg
H3.0m 3.0m 2.5*0.7m 3 1.12kg
H4.2m 4.2m 3.3*0.7m 4 1.5kg

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