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Giant Banner System

Giant Banner System

Short Description:

Giant pole, Giant Flag Pole or Windancer Flags in the market, normally is an oversized rectangle flag with telescopic aluminum pole up to 5.4m high.  Our unique Giant flagstand system is totally different from others, 3 different flag shapes (teardrop/ feather/ rectangle) in 1 pole system with height up to 7m, 4 different bases available. Give you more solutions of high impact displays for your marketing or exhibition display and make sure your messages to be seen above the crowd.

Applications: Outdoor events, Exhibitions, Shopping malls, Markets, Auto Shows etc, anywhere you need to grab people’s attention.

Product Detail

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Now most of flag pole over 5m high is the aluminum pole with water tank, it is bulky for transport/ only one rectangle banner available/ flag often wraps around the pole / Pole damaged in heavy wind. So we designed this new flagstand system for giant pole flag demand.

Our giant flag pole material is carbon composite, which is light weight, flexible and resistant in heavy wind. The pole thickness is much more than regular pole size, so it can be used even for heavy wind as Giant outdoor banner.

The same pole system can make 3 different flag shapes, including blade flag, deco tear flag and rectangular flag (only by adding an arm pole). Based on 5m pole, you can add extra segment to make a higher size. It is very convenient for end users who have different flag shape demand, also be easy for dealers to control the stock.

Our portable flagpole is packed with oxford carry bag which can also pack the banner and some bases inside. The packing dimension is less than 1.2m which suit for European pallet and save the extra large fee for express transport.

Stand base options include Ground spike, Cross base, Car Mount Stand and Foldable giant base to meet almost all applications for the giant pole. Water base can be added on the cross base for better stability

Our foldable giant base was released on 2020 and is strongly suggested with 3 key selling points:
1.With bearing to allow pole rotate in the wind, the flag will not wrap around the pole
2.Engineered Alu frame make sure the smallest packing size
3.Suitable for most applications, Peg applicable /extra sand bag or water weight available


(1) Initiated designed by WZRODS worldwide

(2) 3 different shapes with the same pole system, save your cost and stock space

(3) Carbon composite pole provide high level of toughness, strength and flexibility than Aluminum pole

(4) Plug-in installation is easy to assemble & secure into position

(5) Wide range of bases available to suit different applications

(6) All base with rotating bearing system, avoid flag from tangled.

(7)Each set comes with a carry bag, Lightweight and portable



Item Code Feather shape Teardrop shape Rectangle shape G.W per set Packing length
Display height Flag size Display height Flag size Display height Flag size
GTB-s 5.8m 5.5m 4.4m 0.9kg 1.2m
GTB-M 6.8m 6.5m 5.4m 1.2kg 1.2m
GTB-L 7.8m 7.5m 6.4m 1.5kg 1.2m

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