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Company History

Role of "CREATOR" in the industry

  • 2005
    The first in China to use carbon composite to produce flying banner poles on. Our design on banner poles are widely copied by domestic and overseas competitors.
  • 2006
    Creator of double O-ring on spindle of flag bases and design is widely copied.
    Creator of quality Nylon water bags.
  • 2007
    Creator of combination backpack banner frame and design is copied.
  • 2008
    Creator of combination beach flag system (4in1) design is copied.
    Creator of foldable car tyre base and design is copied .
  • 2009
    Creator of mini car window teardrop flag hardware and the design is copied.
  • 2010
    First to install a banner flag on tents via a bracket and idea& design is copied.
  • 2011
    Creator of mini clip teardrop flag.
    Creator of multi-purpose stackable water tank for flag pole and design is copied.
    Creator of Magnum banner and the design is copied.
  • 2012
    Creator of 3d serise umbrella frame lantern / Burgundy/ Toranodo.
  • 2013
    Creator of barrier systems.
  • 2014
    Creator of multi-purpose flag use plastic coated concrete base.
  • 2015
    Creator of Design of backpack butterfly banner and the design is copied.
    Creator of mini magnet teardrop flag hardware.
  • 2016
    Creator of HDPE combination backpack and the design is copied.
    Creator of Scissor car base.
  • 2017
    Creator of LED water tank and design is coming to be copied.
    Creator of Universal Gazebo Flag Pole Bracket.
  • 2018
    Creator of Over the car banner and the design is copied.
    Creator of new generation system(7in1) has been created.
    Creator of Mult-bracket.
  • 2019
    Creator of tripod banner.
  • 2020
    Creator of 4in1 water tank base stand.
    Creator of Foldable Giant flag pole base.
    Creator of arch banner.
  • Present

We are contributor to the falg & display industry of world, Action speaks Louder than Words.
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