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Base/weight/ bracket

  • Base For Lawn Or Sand

    Base For Lawn Or Sand

    Flag ground stakes and ground screws support your event flags in soft, outdoor ground, such as grass, dirt and sand.

    Deluxe/ value/ basic three version to meet your budget.

    Rotor or Axle for our standard 14.8mm Pole Entry, Customize size is available

  • Base For Hard Ground

    Base For Hard Ground

    A wide range of flag bases available: Fixed cross base (X base), Economic cross base, Tripod base, Cross base, Spider base, Metal base plate (steel square plate), Car Wheel Base etc. Suitable for hard surfaces, such as pavement and asphalt outdoors or hard indoor floors.  One of them is sure to be ideal for your application.


  • Water Tank

    Water Tank

    Our Moulded water base, which is made of HDPE, initiated designed by WZRODS worldwide since 2011, 4size and 2 series available until now. Our innovative selling points:

    1. stackable, two or three bases can be stacked on top of each other for extra weight

    2. Can be used alone with spigot as flag stand base

    3. As additional weight on our cross base or base plate

    4. Led uplighters applicable for some size (13L/20L)

    These are our most popular feather flag bases for on hard grounds

  • Fence flag bracket

    Fence flag bracket

    An unique design flag bracket to mount your windbanner on fences & railings, any wall or vertical surface.

    Suitable for all our flagpole and Allows your flag to turn in the wind.


  • Flag Mounting Bracket for Canopy Tent

    Flag Mounting Bracket for Canopy Tent

    Our tent bracket is designed as Marquee Banner Clamp, Flag holder for Pop up Canopy Tent Leg,  Initiated by WZRODS worldwide since 2017.
    Mount to tent leg to hold the flag pole, allowing you to  display feather flags or teardrop banner on your booth easily and quickly,  gives that extra branding space and dress up your pop up tent on the trade show, market, or sporting event showcase to make you stand out

  • Water Bag

    Water Bag

    Flag Weight Bag,Water weight bag, one kind of foldable Weight Bag which can be filled with Water, as additional weight to your beach flags Banner Stands for extra stability when using the Floor/Ground Stand , and packs easily into the carry bag with the stand.

    Three shapes: round/ square/ tube available, made from budget Pvc or quality nylon

  • Concrete base

    Concrete base

    Concrete base, HDPE Moulded shell and concrete inside, is intended for our flag bases, weight 10kg or 29kg, one of the most value for money flag base options . Two Innovation points: 1. Stackable design  2. Can be used alone with spigot or as additional weight on metal base plate or fixed cross base, our original design of wzrods from 2014.

  • Wall Mount

    Wall Mount

    Flag wall mounts (25degree or 0 degree) or floor mounts (90degree)

    Mount your flagpole to a wall or any other safe surface.

    Ball bearing spindle, allowing your flag to rotate smooth for added visibility.

    Size: 10cm*10cm

    Weight: 0.8kg

    Material: Iron with black color powder coated

    Item code: DF-1 (90degree) / DF-2(0 degree) DF-3 (25 degree)

  • Bike Flag Bracket

    Bike Flag Bracket

    Our Bike flag bracket is simple and easy to install on your bike, by changing different flags to be bike safety flag or bike advertising flag banner, this rear mounted bicycle flag banner is a great and cost effective way to advertise your business in anywhere a bike goes. Bicycle Banner Flags are advertising in motion!