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Backpack Deluxe-SFH

Backpack Deluxe-SFH

Short Description:

Our classic and patent backpack flags (walking flag or mochila banner) , what you get is a flexible combination of five flag options in one system, Same backpack and same flagpole can suit 5 popular shapes (feather, teardrop and rectangle, arch, paddle) in the market.

Minimize your inventory and stock space, but more choices for the end-users.

Applications: Indoor & Outdoor Advertising, Shows, Exhibitions, Events, Fairs, Promotions, Weddings, Parties, Concerts etc.

Product Detail

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Backpack banner SFH uses same deluxe backpack, light weight moulded 3D-foam back panel with cushion and air flow channel design, Straps adjustable, provide comfortable using experience; have side pocket and zippered compartment helping you a beverage or store marketing flyers, leaving the wearer with free hands.

This promotion knapsack includes a pouch for the storage of the flag pole and flags

The flag is easy to set up, Connect the four flagpole pieces together from thinnest to thickest, then you will get a flag pole which suits for feather flag (S)/ teardrop flag(F)/ Arch flag(C)/ Paddle flag(U). Take the thinnest piece and insert the top hole of next section, twist the screw cap and until it is locked securely, that is for rectangle flag


(1) Patent product, innovation flag mounting design. Initiated designed by WZRODS worldwide

(2) A flexible combination of five flag options in one system, easy to shift and control your stock to meet clients’ urgent order, minimize your inventory and stock space.

(3) Light weight moulded 3D-foam back panel with cushion and allow air flow channel design, provide comfortable using experience

(4) A zippered compartment and other pockets provide extra space to set your hands free.

(5) Buckles on the belt prevent backpack from leaning back in strong wind.

(6) Hooks design on the belts for water bottles

(7) Oxford material makes backpack much tougher and durable for long time use.



Item code shape Banner size G.W. (hardware only)
Backpack F Teardrop 103x52cm 1.2KG
Backpack S Feather 122x51cm
Backpack H Rectangle 110x40cm
Backpack C Arch 152x51cm
Backpack U Paddle 105x50cm

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