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Add-on weight

  • Water Tank

    Water Tank

    Our Moulded water base, which is made of HDPE, initiated designed by WZRODS worldwide since 2011, 4size and 2 series available until now. Our innovative selling points:

    1. stackable, two or three bases can be stacked on top of each other for extra weight

    2. Can be used alone with spigot as flag stand base

    3. As additional weight on our cross base or base plate

    4. Led uplighters applicable for some size (13L/20L)

    These are our most popular feather flag bases for on hard grounds

  • Water Bag

    Water Bag

    Flag Weight Bag, Foldable Weight Bag, Filled with Water, used to add additional weight to your Flags Banner Stands for stability, and packs easily into the carry bag with the stand.

  • Concrete base

    Concrete base

    Concrete base, HDPE Moulded shell and concrete inside, is also our original design from 2014. Two Innovation points: 1. Stackable design 2. Can be use alone with spigot or as additional weight on base plate or fixed cross base.