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4 in 1 Water Base

4 in 1 Water Base

Short Description:

4 in 1 moulded water base is initiated by Wzrods worldwide in 2020.  4 different applications in 1 fillable water base. Made of HDPE, Weight up to 20kg max after fill of water, Easy to move with optional wheels

As Footpath sign/pavement sign: Holds durable aluminum composite panel (size A1, thickness 4-5mm)

As Flag pole base:  Used alone as flag bases or  combined with X base or metal base plate.

As Swing sign or Swinger Poster, Panel size A1(594*841mm), engineered tubes frame, small packing size

As Fabric stand: Pillowcase fabric. Powder coated frame. Display Size 70*120cm


Moulded water fill base with rotator Can be used with all our feather flags, teardrop flags and sail banner flags,beachflag etc

As swing sign (sidewalk sign) or footpath sign (pavement sign), is ideal for use in the retail, hospitality, or service industries, both indoors or outdoors

Product Detail

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Our original design from 2020, the world first Molded Water Base can satisfy 4 applications. As a novel member of our water base family, the 4in1 water base retains our classic designs (stackable/combination with cross base), also can be the base of sign stand.

As regular flag pole base, it can be used with spindle as an individual flag base or as add-on weight to flag X base or metal base plate for better stability.

As footpath sign base, 4-5mm ACM blade (aluminum composite panel) size A1(594*841mm) is suggested. Sign Graphic area: W: 594mm x H: 800mm on both sides

As swing sign, sturdy metal tube frame with powder coated, the length of tube is engineered and packed under water base in same box for easy transport. Panel size is A1(594*841mm).

As fabric stand, interchangeable pillowcase fabric. Standard size of metal tube frame is same as swing sign, display size is 70*120cm. The height of metal frame can be customized.


4 different applications in 1 water base, initiated by WZRODS worldwide

Easy to shift and control your stock , save investment and stock space.

Metal frame packed with water base in same carton for easy transport

Water base stackable for heavier weight

UV resistant HDPE, perfect for long term outdoor use

Wheels on the bottom can help you move it easily

LED uplighters applicable to illuminate your signage in the dark



Item Code Name Display Appr. G.W.
DW-60 Water base/Footpath sign 59x80cm 2.5kg
DW-61 Swing sign 59x84cm 6.5kg
Dw-62 fabric Stand 70x120cm 6.5kg

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