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4 in 1 System

4 in 1 System

Short Description:

4 in 1 beachflags pole system is our patent product and initiated designed by WZRODS worldwide on 2008, which can support 4 different popular flag shapes (feather flag, flying banner, shark fin flag and rectangle flag) by one same flagpole. Easy to shift and control your stock to meet clients’ urgent order, minimize your inventory and stock space. One of our most popular products.

Applications: Outdoor for promotion, marketing, guide flags for sports events or other eye-catching activities.

Product Detail

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Each set of 4in1 pole system comes with a flexible tip pole and arm pole.

The flexible tip is for feather banner, teardrop banner and shark-in banner which share full same pole

The arm pole is for Rectangular banner, which shares same bottom pole except the tip pole

So just one set of pole but can be used for most popular flag, you don’t need to stock for each kind of banner pole, means save your investment and stock space.  This beachflag pole  is one of our most poplar design.

Flagpoles are made of carbon composite, provide higher level of toughness, strength and flexibility compared with aluminum or fiberglass.


(1) Initiated designed by WZRODS worldwide and Patent in China

(2) Super easy to assemble and changes shape

(3) Easy to control your stock, save your investment and space

(4) Each set comes with a carry bag, Lightweight and portable

(5) Wide range of bases available to suit different application



Item Code Size Feather shape Teardrop shape Shark fin shape Rectangle shape G.W per set Packing length
Display height Flag size Display height Flag size Display height Flag size Display height Flag size
FOS S 2.7m 2.2*0.7m 2.5m 1.92*0.7m 2.5m 2.2*0.6m 2.2m 1.6*0.7m 0.9kg 114cm
FOM M 3.8m 3.2*0.7m 3.5m 3.2*0.9m 3.6m 3.0*0.9m 2.9m 2.5*0.7m 1.2kg 156m
FOL L 5.2m 4.2*0.7m 4.8m 3.7*1.1m 5.0m 4.0*1.2m 4.3m 3.3*0.7m 1.5kg 156cm

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