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2 in 1 indoor

2 in 1 indoor

Short Description:

2 in 1 flag pole kit, is small size beachflag pole system with high cost performance. It supports both feather flag shape and teardrop shape by same set pole. Not only used for indoor but also very good to be placed in front of the shops and market for advertising in high street as temporary flags.

Applications: Forecourts, shop fronts, exhibitions, indoor or outdoor events.

Product Detail

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This solid fiber pole with reinforced nylon sheath includes two sections, display height as feather shape is 2m and display height as teardrop shape flag is 1.8m. The size is really suitable for indoor use like supermarket, market advertisement or be placed outside the shop.

The standard base for this 2 in 1 flag pole system is metal base with size 31x21cm

Light weight and portable, easy to set up and take down, really friendly to new users.

Each set comes with a Non woven carry bag, length is less than 1.2m, suitable for European pallet


(1) Same pole suits both wing banner and teardrop banner

(2) Fiber reinforced nylon sheath/ solid fiber pole, low cost but high performance

(3) Full kit includes pole/ metal base/ carry bag, portable and lightweight



Item code shape Display dimension Banner size G.W. (hardware only)
IDR-B Feather/wing 2m 1.65m x 0.5m 1kg
teardrop 1.8m 1.5m x 0.45m. 2.6kg

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